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We are



Hello to you!

We are Eve , trained barista & Izabelle executive chef & epicurean ( EVIZA )


We are two very long-standing friends who decided, in the midst of a pandemic, to embark on a great adventure, which is to open a Café. Our café will be the first café in LaSalle to offer, in addition to a selection of European-style coffee, a selection of third-wave local roasted coffee.


The products offered by us will be of superior quality by their origin and their preparation which will be done every day on site.

Our passion for taste and people make us an essential duo and a great acquisition for the Bronx de LaSalle.


Our desire is created for a place on a human scale and to promote the local economy by purchasing and distributing products of great taste quality.

And at the same time helping to rebuild and stimulate neighborhood life on rue Centrale in the Bronx area.

Hope to see you soon!

Eve & Iza

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